A discussion on the issue of pollution in beijing china

Pop-out player China suffered its worst air pollution of the year recently. More than 70 Chinese cities released warnings to citizens in the last few days about pollution reaching dangerous levels. The poor air quality led the government to order factories, some power plants and schools to close.

A discussion on the issue of pollution in beijing china

These are the burning questions that Chinese social media users have raised over the past few days as residents across northern China endure the smog that is laying siege to a seventh of the country.

Quick fixes, empty promises and breathtaking inaction: Speaking at a press meeting organised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection on Tuesday, Chai said emissions from burning coal in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei — the most developed regions in northern China — were five times the national average.

A discussion on the issue of pollution in beijing china

The situation would worsen in winter, as many urban communities and rural families in those regions also relied on coal for heating, he said. Most of the wind turbines are located in grasslands in Hebei and Inner Mongolia to the north of Beijing, and sit across a major stream of cold air from Siberia.

A recent study found that near-surface wind speeds in Beijing had declined significantly, from 3. Xu Dexiang, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, said wind farms could indeed affect the movement of ground air, according to studies conducted both in China and abroad.

Such low-lying foliage would not slow down the movement of cold air, which travels at a height of more than 1. Over Chinese pupils forced to take exams outdoors after school shut due to heavy smog Beijing has in recent years undertaken a massive and costly campaign to use cleaner energy.

Natural gas is cleaner than coal, producing water and carbon dioxide when burnt, instead of the dust and smoke that coal produces.

But the water vapour that burning natural gas produces can also increase the concentration of air pollutants near ground. Ongoing research has suggested that tiny water molecules in the air may speed up chemical reactions, leading to worse smog.

China could counter its smog problem only if the whole of society worked together to reduce the emission of air pollutants, Wang said. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Just what is causing the smothering smog?Beijing city government has issued a red alert for severely high levels of air pollution in the city for three days from December 17 to 21, according to a post on the Beijing environmental.

Air pollution in Beijing has made the city 'almost uninhabitable for human beings' according to environmental study The research was released by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. The highest red level of ecological danger was declared in Beijing because of air pollution on Monday, local media reported.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Chinese capital’s authorities issued the red alert for the first time after on November 29 Beijing raised its air-pollution alert to orange. Beijing and 33 other northern Chinese cities have issued smog alerts for the next few days as industrial output ramps up again after the end of winter restrictions, China's Ministry of Ecology and.

Schools in Beijing are closed and outdoor construction halted as the Chinese capital's first ever pollution "red alert" came into effect.

The alert, the highest possible warning level, was issued. Beijing has long been sensitive to public concern over its air pollution problems and, while it has enacted reforms and promised others, more needs to be done and soon.

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