Brave new world a portrait of a perfect society

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Brave new world a portrait of a perfect society

Pavlovian dog Introduction Brave New World published in has become one of the most famous pieces of science fiction literature. This book written by Aldous Huxley concentrates on the development of mankind in a future society.

The author makes use of many scientific aspects which were hardly developed at the time of writing this book. He depicts a society which is supposed to be a perfect one. In this paper I am going to analyze whether this living together of human beings can really be called a perfect society.

The length of this paper being limited, it is not possible to give a detailed analysis of all aspects Huxley concentrates on. It must be focused on only one topic.

I chose an analysis of the society the people live in. As Huxley makes use of the latest developments in science some people might have thought that this society must be ideal. The structure of the Brave New World To be able to evaluate the society of the Brave New World it is necessary to sum up the main elements of this future society.

The structure of the Brave New World has one motto that is community, identity and stability, which are the pillars of this society.

Brave new world a portrait of a perfect society

One very important fact is the complete control of the development of each member of society. This control does not start with a birth of the people, everyone gets his place in the society before he or she is born.

Huxley no longer speaks of the birth of human beings, he calls it decanting, because people are bred in bottles. To protect and to save this motto they need many helpful things to keep the society alive and especially to control it.

The given society produces its own members and gives them their place in the society where they have special tasks they have to fullfill.

There is no love, because this could lead to individual wishes and desires. Everyone can follow his sexual drives with people he wants to have contact to.

Brave new world a portrait of a perfect society

There is no family life and no marriage; a relationship to only one person is strictly disliked and even forbidden, multi-sexual affairs are supported but the members are only allowed to have any relationships within their castes.

This reinforces the stability of the hierarchy we can find in this society, because it hinders the members of the different castes from getting an intimate contact to other castes.

So the stabilitty of of the different social classes of society is more or less guaranteed. The most important thing and the use of the latest technology in this society is the Bokanovsky-Process.

With this process it is possible to produce ninety-six identical embryos with the same genetic structure, a process which is nowadays called cloning. With the use of this technology it is possible to determine the grades of the intelligence of the embryos.

So it is obvious that two of the pillars of society are directly appealed to: Their behaviour is predictable and so stability can be kept.

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In addition to this they make use of a reduction of oxygen in order to have influence on the intellectual capacity of the members of society. Less oxygen means less intelligence. To influence the growth of the different groups of society alcohol is used. The result is that the lower castes in society are different in their outward appearance, they are small and apelike.

With this process they create a special hierarchy in this Brave New World.1. The structure of the Brave New World The castes of the society The conditioning with making use of the rules of Pavlov 1 The sleepschool The drug Soma Ford “God” of the Brave New World.

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The team . Brave New World - Kindle edition by Aldous Huxley.

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