Cannabusiness report episodes of lost

The three prisoners, Skywalker, Amidala, and Kenobi managed to avert the creatures that had been set upon them long enough for Master Windu's Jedi strike team to show up. As the Jedi came into view throughout the arena, many Geonosians chose to flee rather than face them in combat. However, Count Dooku let loose the Separatist's new battle droid army, and a violent battle took place in the arena. Though outnumbered, the Jedi fought bravely as their ranks were slowly diminished in the face of an unending number of battle droids.

Cannabusiness report episodes of lost

Season 1[ edit ] Season 1 begins with the aftermath of a plane crash, which leaves the surviving passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight on what seems to be an uninhabited tropical island. Jack Shepharda doctor, becomes their leader. They encounter a French woman named Danielle Rousseauwho was shipwrecked on the island 16 years before the main story and is desperate for news of a daughter named Alex.

They also find a mysterious metal hatch buried in the ground. While two survivors, Locke and Boone, try to force the hatch open, four others, Michael, Jin, Walt, and Sawyer attempt to leave on a raft that they have built.

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Meanwhile, flashbacks centered on individual survivors detail their lives prior to the plane crash. Season 2[ edit ] Season 2 follows the growing conflict between the survivors and the Others and continues the theme of the clash between faith and science, while resolving old mysteries and posing new ones.

The survivors are forced to return to the island, where they find the tail-section survivors the "Tailies". A power struggle between Jack and John Locke over control of the guns and medicine located in the hatch develops, resolved in " The Long Con " by Sawyer when he gains control of them.

The hatch is revealed to be a research station built some thirty years earlier by the Dharma Initiativea scientific research project that involved conducting experiments on the island. A man named Desmond Hume had been living in the hatch for three years, activating a computer program every minutes to prevent an unknown catastrophic event from occurring.

To recover his son, Michael betrays the survivors and Jack, Sawyer, and Kate are captured. Michael is given a boat and leaves the island with his son, while John destroys the computer in the hatch, whereupon an electromagnetic event shakes the island.

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This causes the island to be detected by scientists working for Penelope Widmoreand it is revealed that a similar event caused the breakup of the plane. Season 3[ edit ] In Season 3the crash survivors learn more about the Others and their long history on the mysterious island, along with the fate of the Dharma Initiative.

The leader of the Others, Benjamin Linusis introduced as well and defections from both sides pave the way for conflict between the two.

Time travel elements also begin to appear in the series, as Desmond is forced to turn the fail-safe key in the hatch to stop the electromagnetic event, and this sends his mind eight years to the past. When he returns to the present, he is able to see the future. Kate and Sawyer escape the Others, while Jack stays after Ben promises that Jack will be able to leave the island in a submarine if he operates on Ben, who has cancer.


Jack does, but the submarine is destroyed by John. Jack is left behind with Julietan Other, who also seeks to leave the island, while John joins the Others. A helicopter carrying Naomi crashes near the island. Desmond has a vision in which Charlie will drown after shutting down a signal that prevents communication with the exterior world.

cannabusiness report episodes of lost

His vision comes true, but Charlie speaks with Penelope, who says she does not know any Naomi. Meanwhile, the survivors make contact with a rescue team aboard the freighter. In the final scene, these are revealed to be "flash forwards", and Kate and Jack are revealed to have escaped the island.

Jack, however, is desperate to go back. Season 4[ edit ] Season 4 focuses on the survivors dealing with the arrival of people from the freighter, who have been sent to the island to reclaim it from Benjamin. In the present, four members of the freighter arrive and team up with the survivors to escape the island, since the people of the freighter have orders to kill everyone who stays.

Ben takes John to an underground station in which time travel was researched. John becomes the new leader of the Others, while Ben moves the island by turning a giant frozen wheel, after which he is transported to the Sahara. The six survivors escape in a helicopter as they watch the island disappear and are subsequently rescued by Penelope.

In the season finale, it is revealed that the funeral Jack went to in the "flash forwards" was that of John Locke, who had been seeking out the Oceanic Six in his efforts to convince them to return to the island.

Season 5[ edit ] Season 5 follows two timelines. The first timeline takes place on the island where the survivors who were left behind erratically jump forward and backward through time. In one of these time periods, John speaks with Richard Alpertone of the Others, who says that to save the island, he must bring everyone back.

John goes to the same underground station Ben went to. After moving the wheel himself, John is transported to the Sahara inas the time shifts on the island stop and the survivors are stranded with the Dharma Initiative in InJohn contacts the Oceanic Six, but no one wants to return.

The last one of the Oceanic Six he finds is a depressed Jack. John tells Jack his father is alive on the island. This seriously affects Jack, and he begins taking flights, hoping to crash on the island again.The B.S.

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cannabusiness report episodes of lost

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