Canon pro9000 mark ii custom paper size

The optimum Quality is automatically selected depending on the Media Type but you can manually select it using the Custom option.

Canon pro9000 mark ii custom paper size

Print head USB cable You do need to install the print head, but this is a relatively straightforward process, and is well documented. Wireless connectivity is straightforward to initialise — the quick setup guide should suffice for most people, but there are more details in the comprehensive documentation no hard copy though.

The printer identified itself on our network, to the extent that I was able to print to it directly from our iPad with no initialisation or setup. The guide is easy to follow.

The printer has its own web server built in, where you can check a variety of settings, such as this network configuration. Both work perfectly well and handle colour management options clearly.

I suspect that with good profiling you could produce bright vibrant prints on a range of art papers too, but remember that many are designed for pigment inks, so you may need to experiment a bit to find what works best with this particular printer.

The red lights indicate that all carts have acceptable amounts of ink in them. A flashing light indicates a cart that may need replacing. Although incomplete, I could see changes in ink levels during my limited testing that showed that the ink level indicators have the same big steps in levels that you find in other Canon printers.

This means that the levels of several inks can appear to drop rapidly, when if the display was of fine resolution, it would only move a bit. Quite a range of paper settings are available.

The rear loading mechanism was faulty on our printer, only part loading paper, and mangling up sheets of some rather nice paper I had in the process — irritating on a lot of levels… The main loading slot, on the top, is covered when not in use move mouse over the image to see The paper is fed through the middle of the printer, so you need to adjust the paper feed guides for size.

There is software supplied for creating your images. Fairly capable, but needing a bit of experimenting if you want to move beyond the supplied templates. The disk just clicks into the tray mouse over to see The tray is slid in, until the alignment marks match mouse over to see.

I nipped out into the garden and just snapped these brightly coloured plants. The camera is simply connected up with a USB lead.

It took around 5 minutes to print. Note the perfect borderless printing — the Canon print mechanism can obviously work fine at the edge of paper, something that makes me wonder why Canon insists on setting huge top and bottom margins on certain paper types.

This colour corrected shot, shows how the resulting print looked under tungsten Halogen lighting. Not at all bad for no processing whatsoever. Both images have lots of components to specifically test different aspects of printer performance.

As long as I selected correct paper types and sizes, everything worked just fine. I mention this, since with any display, error messages are seen on the computer driving the printer, rather than the printer.

These colour targets give a very good feel for how a paper and ink work together. This being a dye based ink, showed almost none of the gloss differential you sometimes can see with Pigment inks.The lower the number of the quality setting, the higher the quality.

In other words “1” is high quality and “4” is low. This quality setting should match the quality setting that you select in the print driver. Canon Pixma Pro Mark II Driver & Software Full Download – Canon PIXMA Pro Mark II function and technology you need to get satisfactory results and can help you become a professional digital photographer.

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This printer uses ink 8″ color and with a sophisticated software program EasyPhotoPrint Pro which can optimize the output of bright colors. Canon Pixma Pro Mark II. Professional printer | Inkjet | Home; Specs; User reviews (7) Q&As (6) This fantastic printer does all of this and more while supporting Canon Fine Art Photo Papers up to 13" x 19" with two separate paper paths, including a front feeder /5(7).

Feb 20,  · " the Pro Mark II produces borderless, large-format photos up to 13 x 19" I read this to mean that the can make larger format prints than the ? If the is capable of larger format prints relative to the , this might change my thinking.

Jul 12,  · I get a reddish, magenta cast on prints while printing in Photoshop CS5 on a Canon Pro MK II printer. I have turned off color management in the Canon print driver.

canon pro9000 mark ii custom paper size

The Canon 13 x 19 Photo Paper Pro Luster 13x19 - 50 Sheets comes with an excellent luster finish that helps in reproducing the perfect image with high quality.

This photo paper comes with a mil thickness that grants a durable photographic feel.

Canon announces PIXMA Pro Mark II printer: Digital Photography Review