Corruption is a blot on india

Communal Harmony Seers assure Muslims, offer shelter in temples Nov 18,Times of India Reacting to reports of Muslims of Ayodhya feeling unsafe due to gathering of VHP activists for Dharm Sabha on November 25, the seers and temple mahants have assured support and security to Muslims and said that Muslims can take shelter in temples if they feel any insecurity. Assuring Muslims of their security, Hindu seers said that the doors of temples are open for Muslims to take shelter in case they feel any threat or insecurity. Mahant Dharam Das, a litigant of Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit case, said Muslims should not feel insecure in any situation and the sadhus will ensure their protection. Ayodhya-Faizabad are cities of Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb, so no one will be harmed.

Corruption is a blot on india

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Paragraph on Corruption in India – by Anand

Did Swissair Flight land at an Airbase? The following is a view from the other side. From 17th Century Mughal India, where the British East India Company had just set shop, and had instantly gained notoriety for rapaciousness.

English translations of authentic Mughal-era Persian documents give an interesting view of Mughal tensions with the British at Bombay. The Background The incidents about to be described take place in a historical context best understood by the following maps.

The British are one of the many European nations who have set up trading posts in coastal areas. Note that this map only shows European settlements. Whereas other Asian and Middle Eastern countries also had trading posts and settlements. To quoteThe company created trading posts in Surat where a factory was built inMadrasBombayand Calcutta Bythe company had 23 factories, each under the command of a factor or master merchant and governor if so chosen, and had 90 employees in India.

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Pretty soon, the British trading post at Bombay transformed into a walled fort which became known as the Bombay Castle.

Note the location selected for Bombay Castle, which would be definitely hard to control by the Mughals, who lacked a well-developed navy. The British clearly had imperial ambitions from the very beginning.

Deconstructing the Establishment Narrative requires an understanding of the several myths that Establishment Historians employ. But with the development of maritime technologies, the British found their way. Machines compensated for their lack of skilled workers.

Corruption is a blot on india

Once the British Empire was established in India, they would even levy taxes on cooking salt! Needless to say, such parasitic behaviour had destructive consequences in the longterm. And the India that the British left behind is a good example.

At a time when the Indian economy was a level playing field, genuine traders such as those from Asian and Middle Eastern countries were busy getting their hands full.

They were not digging themselves into island-castles like the British. While the British also had their hands full with legitimate trade, the documents we shall examine below reveal that they were secretly using the Bombay Castle to conduct economic terrorism piracy. That the British represented an Egalitarian Society: When it comes to caste-based societies, India first comes to mind.

However, there are strong differences from a formal caste system as that in India. They are of Germanic-Dutch origin. They are not just content with gobbling the privileges and prerogatives of their subject populations, but seek to establish the same dysfunctional societies even in non-Western countries.

The lower castes are fairly content with their position as surrogates. In fact, they become the most efficient surrogates the world has ever seen. Revolution and rebellion are unheard of.

Robin Hood has been forgotten. And they will happily cheerlead any venture the top caste engages in. Needless to say, they are often exposed to risks, and even death. While their high caste royals, directors and commanders always remain safe.

But given their philistine nature, they have little regard for other societies and therefore fall back on their own ones, creating a cycle of servitude. Their fate is also sealed by the fact that their high caste has absolute domination over all geographical regions of their country.

Actual slavery existed among the lower castes, with entire generations of orphans and other vulnerable members of society being reared for the sole purpose of providing cheap labour for enterprises of the higher castes.

Corruption is a blot on india

Outsiders non-Britishers are simply not allowed to participate in British economy. They cannot settle, compete or trade in Britain. Needless to say, 17th Century India was far more egalitarian than the then British Society.The Nightmare Decade: The Life and Times of Senator Joe McCarthy [Fred J.

Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recreates the life of the controversial senator, focusing on his fanatical accusations of communist influence in the federal government. Professor Robert Callaghan (also known as Yokai) is the main antagonist of Disney's 54th full-length animated feature film Big Hero 6, and a minor character in Big Hero 6: The Series.

He is a former university teacher presumed dead in a fire; until he later re-emerged using a vast army of. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of hiring thugs to beat up its supporters and snatching ballot boxes in the Ekiti governorship elections which.

Calling corruption as the root cause for which previous governments were changed in India, Modi said his government has emerged corruption-free in the past three years.

"Governments were changed because of corruption. The common people hated this There has been not a single blot on our government in the past three years. But events in Syria, and Iraq, and their consequences have proved that it’s not only in America that there’s a lack of leadership.

The message of the failure to address the causes of the refugee problem is that there are no real leaders anywhere on Planet Earth. Odd little one shots that may or may not be turned into their own stories.

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