Diversity walkabout

Bolton crews are among the local organisations which have helped to bring the theatre's epic production of Gulliver's Travels to the stage. Locations in the walkabout promenade production will include the sunken garden, the glade, the lake and the amphitheatre. And the large scale operation has meant that the theatre has called in help from organisations across Bolton to produce their first ever park show. Bolton firefighters came to the rescue with an engine to fill four water ballasts that have been used to support set structures that are being installed to transform the park into the land of Lilliput.

Diversity walkabout

Talk for five to 10 minutes about respect. After the allotted time, ask all participants to sit and open the discussion. How did people define respect? What were some Diversity walkabout the core concepts discussed? Common responses will likely include: All responses are worthy of reflection in terms of their cultural and hegemonic influences.

Ask participants where their ideas of respect come from and whom they are meant to protect. If the group raises any of the common responses above, challenge them to answer the following questions: Does everyone really want to be treated the same way you want to be treated?

Is eye contact during conversation respectful in every culture? The point of the discussion is to reflect critically on assumptions and socializations regarding respect.

Diversity walkabout

This activity helps to establish a basis of respect within the group, helping the participants take the first steps toward creating and maintaining a Diversity walkabout discussion of social justice and equity.

At the very least, participants meet someone new and exchange ideas with that person.

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The group also gets its first look at the similarities and differences between participants, potentially in ways that reflect privilege and power. Introduction Identity Definition Everyone has a personal and social identity.

Social identity includes affinities one has with other people, values and norms that one accepts, and the ways one has learned to behave in social settings. Materials Markers and 8-byinch sheets of paper folded horizontally. Instructions Write out your fullest name and tell your story.

On the back of the piece of paper write the top three identities you feel closest to. The facilitator encourages participants to go around the circle to share any meanings, significance, culture, significant ancestors and the top three identities they hold dearest.

Everyone will have a chance to share and be heard by the group.

Diversity walkabout

Suggested questions if participants need help getting started: Who gave you your name? Do you know the ethnic origin of your name? Do you have any nicknames?

If so, how did you get them? What is your preferred name? Facilitators should encourage students to be creative. Make it clear that it is acceptable to write poetry, list adjectives that describe them, include humor, etc.

If your group is large, break into diverse small groups of five or six to make sure everyone has an opportunity to share her or his story. Ask for volunteers to get the group started and tell participants they can share their stories from memory, or read them.

Facilitator Notes Some individuals will include personal information in their stories and may be reticent to read them. Sometimes it is most effective for facilitators to share their stories first — making yourself vulnerable will make others more comfortable doing the same.

Allow time for every participant to share whether it be with the whole group or with their small group. Discussion When everyone has shared, ask participants how it felt to share their stories.

Why is this activity important? What did you learn?

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Systems of Power and Privilege Definition Privilege is a right or exemption from liability or duty granted as a special benefit or advantage. Oppression is the result of the use of institutional privilege and power, wherein one person or group benefits at the expense of another. Read Check off all of the statements that apply to you.

Consider whether or not this would apply should your race be different. Watch and Listen YouTube clip:The greater the diversity of participants, the better the full community is represented.

If you are able to participate, please fill out the Walkabout volunteer sign-up form by Thursday, Aug. Top Stories.

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BW affirms a commitment to diversity in a variety of forms, believing that diversity is more than an all-inclusive list of demographics. Walkabout's obvious concern is the relationship between two parties, separated by centuries of diverting societal behaviors, and thus, differentiated perceptions of sexual roles and etiquette%.

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