Fastreg business plan

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Fastreg business plan

Entrepreneurship in Societal Change ENSO Course description Intended Learning Outcomes The overall aim of the course is to understand varies types of entrepreneurship and to express how it manifests in various contexts.

Upon completion of the course, students shall be able to: Knowledge and understanding 1. Identify, describe and explain forms of entrepreneurships in relation to contexts and societal change.

fastreg business plan

Recognize different entrepreneurial contexts Skills and abilities. Apply perspectives from management and organizational theories in order to investigate the challenges in doing entrepreneurship for societal change.

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Identify entrepreneurial challenges and suggest solutions regarding environmental or social problems with focus on societal change. Show ability to plan and execute, individually and together in group a defined entrepreneurial project. Critically analyse and evaluate different forms of entrepreneurships in relation to context.

Course Content In the course we will discuss and study mainstream business entrepreneurship but also other forms as for example social, societal, cultural and ecological entrepreneurship and which challenges these entrepreneurs meet.

These entrepreneurships do not only focus on growth and profit as a success factor, but also include other factors to be equally important, such as finding new solutions for creating a common good, fighting poverty, maintaining the cultural heritage, and implementing a transition to a more environmentally sound society.

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The course focuses on the transformation from entrepreneurship to entrepreneurships and how entrepreneuring is exercised in various contexts. Today several kinds of entrepreneurships evolve related to how individuals, organizations and nations try to change the society with regards to for example social and environmental issues.

Students are to understand these forms of entrepreneurship, in relation to how they are enacted in various contexts. In addition the course will discuss the interplay between entrepreneurship and societal change, that is to say, to what extent entrepreneurship will change society and what parts of entrepreneurship that is maintained or changed.

In this course the students will make an entrepreneurial project where they will find solutions regarding environmental or social problems with focus on societal change.RI Business Portal Welcome to the Rhode Island Business Portal.

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