Ideal politician

Passages in Aristotle are cited as follows: Politics is abbreviated as Pol. Most translations include the Bekker page number with column letter in the margin followed by every fifth line number. Oxford University Press,

Ideal politician

Lucia, examines some of the qualities and challenges that factor in that search. The concept of the ideal politician has been argued vehemently by the ancient, post classical and modern-era western philosophers and, by extension, contemporary Afro-Caribbean intellectuals.

Furthermore, scholars from the Caribbean such as Dr. This bears the question: Why should one be mindful of these traits? To begin, the ideal politician must be cognisant of occurring events around him, whether good or bad. A vigilant politician may detect issues more quickly and have sufficient time to conjure an antidote for potential maladies, whether they are issues pertaining to civil disobedience or international security.

Hence, the ideal representative does not ignore the Ideal politician on the wall, unless gazing at it would somehow be detrimental to the state or the common good of the people.

In a word, the ideal politician has a moral obligation to be conscious of the political landscape, and this awareness must be in perpetuum.

Ideal politician

Penultimately, the ideal politician must be a realist and should not entertain the fancies of oneself or others. Decisions ought to reflect those which are logical, precise and tactical.

This is the most fundamental trait which a politician ought to possess; the result of this leads to rational decisions as one does not rely on faith, luck or chance for an outcome. They conduct research and experiments whether it be policy creation or polls to gauge the outcome of elections to ascertain that the consequence of decision will yield the best possible result.

In other words, a politician is required to exhibit a degree of cogent thought. Lastly, a leader who is charismatic and understanding is always desirable. This is necessary, as no one man is an island but a collective of people; hence, they ought to be able to create a stable relationship between the government and its electorate.

Political science studies the tasks of the politician or statesman (politikos), in much the way that medical science concerns the work of the physician (see Politics IV.1). It is, in fact, the body of knowledge that such practitioners, if truly expert, will also wield in pursuing their tasks. The. The ideal politician in terms of the Five-Factor Model ANCOVA with the FFM personality dimension scales as a within-subject factor was conducted, including political orientation (ideology) as a continuous, between-subjects factor. “Searching for the ideal politician” September 23, views Caribbean & Americas, democracy and participation, Leadership, St Lucia The search for leadership is a constant of the political world.

The people have the authority whether it be through legal or prohibited means to effect change in government, abrogate laws and, according to Simeon McIntosh, nullify their constitution to promulgate a new system of government. Machiavelli reiterates this by noting: Thus, the citizenry becomes absurdly easier to influence or direct in times of turbulence and unease.

In essence, any cook can govern having satisfied a few exceptions — whether it be a lawyer, doctor, businessman, writer or regular John Doe — once that individual possesses the qualities stated in combination with a key point i.

In that case, they would have the mechanics to move easily and successfully within government. My ambitions are not too grand, if I may say so myself; I intend on becoming an attorney at law and someday open a clinic to provide legal aid to individuals who cannot afford proper assistance.

Additionally, I intend if so chosen to represent my constituency within government and help formulate true Commonwealth legislation to benefit the people. Articles are published in a spirit of dialogue, respect and understanding.

If you disagree, why not submit a response? To learn more about becoming a Commonwealth Correspondent please visit:Add to favorites The Ideal Politician. written by: Stanley Wilkin. @catalhuyuk. 1. The Prime Minister was an extraordinary man Martie, his secretary, decided as she slipped out of his bedroom.

It might be considered ideal for a government to impose low taxes, have clean electoral races, and always have the snow plowed on time. Some politicians might even run on platforms with those tenets. What most politicians would tell you in private is that you will never see the day.

Pols Ch 1. STUDY. PLAY _____ was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence and a champion of constitutional democracy. Thomas Jefferson. The ideal politician is a myth? T/F. True. Initiatives and referendums are not permitted in all states? T/F. True.

Nov 02,  · For me, the characteristic of an ideal politician in our country is only one and everything else will follow, a politician needs to have love for the country, cause if he has love for the country, everything else will be included.

Narendra Modi an Ideal politician & Born speaker. likes. Narendra Modi who is coming from poor back ground has become now an ideal politician to the.

Depending on which side of the political spectrum you belong to, you may either be a staunch supporter or a critic of John Mahama,the former President of Ghana. Love him or hate him, but you.

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