Maharashtra in 2025 essay help

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Maharashtra in 2025 essay help

Land Relief, drainage, and soils Maharashtra presents a complex range of physical diversity. To the west is the narrow Konkan coastal lowland, which reaches its widest extent near Mumbai.

Numerous minor hills dominate the relief. There are many small, swift, west-flowing streams, most of them less than 50 miles 80 km long.

The biggest, the Ulhas, rising in the Bhor Ghat, joins the sea after an mile km course. Elevations increase northward to peaks of some 4, feet 1, metres. There are a few passes through which roads and railroads link the coast with the interior.

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The eastern slopes of the Ghats descend gently to the Deccan plateau and are sculptured by the wide mature valleys of the KrishnaBhimaand Godavari rivers. Between the Narmada River valley in the north, the Krishna basin in the south, and the western coast to as far east as the city of Nagpurthe Ghats and the triangular plateau inland are covered with extensive lava outpourings called traps.

They reach a maximum thickness of some 10, feet 3, metres near Mumbai. The differential erosion of lava has resulted in characteristic steppelike slopes, uniform crest lines, and a tabletop appearance of many hills in Maharashtra.

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The Wardha-Wainganga valley, part of the larger Godavari basin, trends southward and has many lakes. Drifts along the slopes have eroded into medium brown and light-coloured sandy soils. Saline soils in the river valleys are the results of impeded soil drainage followed by intense evaporation.

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Some Deep Information about UPSC Chronology of statehood of Maharashtra Chalcolithic sites belonging to the Jorwe culture circa — BCE have been discovered throughout the state.

Climate The climate is subtropical to tropical depending on elevation and characteristically monsoonal i. Four seasons are normal: The Western Ghats and the ranges on the northern borders greatly influence the climate and separate the wet Konkan Coast from the dry interior upland, an area called the Desh.

Rainfall is extremely heavy in Konkan, averaging about inches 2, mmwith some of the wettest spots receiving up to inches 6, mmbut rapidly diminishes to one-fifth of that amount east of the Ghats. Rainfall increases again in the eastern areas, reaching about 40 to 80 inches 1, to 2, mm in the extreme east.

Pune Poonahigher up on the plateau, benefits from cooler temperatures throughout the year. Plant and animal life Forests cover less than one-fifth of the state and are confined to the Western Ghats, mainly their transverse ranges, the Satpura Range in the north, and the Chandrapur region in the east.

On the coast and adjoining slopes, plant forms are rich with lofty trees, variegated shrubs, and mango and coconut trees. The forests yield teakbamboo, myrobalan for dyeingand other woods.

MahabaleshwarLush mountain vegetation near Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India. Nichalp Thorny savanna-like vegetation occurs in areas of lesser rainfall, notably in upland Maharashtra.

Subtropical vegetation is found on higher plateaus that receive heavy rain and have milder temperatures. Bamboo, chestnut, and magnolia are common. In the semiarid tracts, wild dates are found. Mangrove vegetation occurs in marshes and estuaries along the coast. Wild animals include tigers, leopards, bison, and several species of antelope.

The striped hyena, wild hog, and sloth bear are common. Monkeys and snakes occur in great variety, as do ducks and other game birds. The peacock is indigenous.

People Population composition Maharashtrians are ethnically heterogeneous. Marathas and Kunbis descendants of settlers who arrived from the north about the beginning of the 1st century ce make up the majority of the remainder of the people of Maharashtra.

Asher Marathithe official state language, is spoken by more than four-fifths of the population. There are also many local languages, including Konkani on the west coast and GondiVarhadi, and Mundari in the eastern and northern forests. Hindus predominate, followed by Muslims and Buddhists.

There are many Christians in the metropolitan areas. Jewish and Parsi a religious minority adhering to Zoroastrianism groups have settled mostly in urban areas; Parsis live mainly in Mumbai and its environs. Other religious minorities include Jainas and Sikhs, whose small communities are widespread.

Atozxyz Settlement patterns More than half of the population is rural and lives in villages. The urban-rural ratio has been changing, however, especially since the late 20th century, when some two-thirds were rural dwellers.

Mumbaithe largest city in the state, is also the most populous metropolis in India. NagpurPuneand Solapur are other major cities.Essay help chat room Some good endings essay Case Study About Maharashtra In Physical geography dissertations Data is collection is simply how information is gathered.

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By , Maharashtra's million residents will have a purchasing-power. As far as government service is concerned, the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) which is marked as a category 'A' government service is a highly special and a respected government service.

maharashtra in 2025 essay help
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