Modicare business plan 2015

The Company has 40 centers across the country that supplies products to over 2, cities. All products are formulated according to international standards and developed in accordance with Indian tastes.

Modicare business plan 2015

It deals with manufacturing a large category of products based on health care, personal care and wellness. The main aims to uplift the life of all its consultants by giving them financial independence and a social security.

You can become an associate or a consultant of this company to start your own business. To be able to join Modicare India as a consultant and start your business, it is important that you understand the business completely. For this the business plan is needed to be understood completely.

If you actually go forward and understand this business plan, you will know that this company actually provides a very real and sensible chance to become a consultant and earn a lot of money without making any kind of investment. Modicare business plans in hindi The products manufactured by Modicare are sold through direct selling.

This way is known to be one of the most convenient and easiest ways to communicate with the buyer. Once the product gets manufactured, it then reaches the distribution points from where it is available for everyone through the assistance of Modicare distributors. The distribution points of this company are available almost everywhere in the country.

Once you become the consultant of this company, you can simply reach these distribution points and pick up the products from there. The most important feature of direct marketing is the fact that you can actually gain money in a large amount if you do it right. When you start, your financial gain will be much less.

However, after putting in consistent serious efforts it will increase at a very high rate and that too quickly. The best part is that you can begin take the role of being a consultant as a side gig. You can be a part time professional, a full time professional or just a student, it is possible to start this business in anyway.

This business can be started in conjunction with your real business or any profession. The best way to start is to make a team.

You team members should know everything about how this business will work and all the other important knowledge required.

Once you become a part of Modicare as a consultant, you can follow the rules given below to gain success in this business.

Remember to use, sell and share all the products manufactured by this company. Contact all the people who you think are potential audience and share the products and business idea with them. Sell as much as merchandise to the people you know.

If you have used and experienced the benefits of the products yourself first and then it will be easier for you to sell it further.

modicare business plan 2015

You will be able to tell the customers how and why they should buy a particular product. This will result in better productivity. You must increase your circle by meeting at least ten to fifteen people on a daily basis. If you do this, you will get an excellent opportunity to tell more and more people about the benefits of these products and it will help in growing your business at a quicker rate.

If you can sell the products successfully then you will see a financial gain and increase in business productivity. The fact that your earnings will be calculated from your sale and the sale of your group will serve as a great motivation factor literally and psychologically for the future.

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Your business will increase and you will get bonuses on the basis of business volume or BV you achieve on a monthly basis. Business volume is actually a predefined point given to all the products when they are manufactured.

As a consultant of Modicare, you may get a product on the basis of consultant value. After this you will be required to sell the product to the client at the retail equivalent of the MRP.

The difference so obtained between each cost will be the retail profit you earn. This is bonus which is awarded to the consultants on the basis of their performance. The consultants who perform well are awarded with a high power seller bonus.

If a consultant purchases a product equal to or beyond BV, then the consultant will be consequently eligible for a power seller bonus or PSB.Modicare Full Business Plan in Hindi (A Wonderful Opportunity for Housewives,Retired Persons, Professionals, Marketing Persons & Youngsters).Please click below given link to see the you want to join this opportunity then please call me on my cell No.

. Kangpokpi, June 07 Modicare, one of the Direct Selling Companies of the country, has launched "Samir Modi Azadi Plan" at Kangpokpi Town Committee office today, reports our correspondent. The programme was attended by Ramesh, director, the Royal . July 10, Modicare Business Plan, Modicare Success Story 0 Modicare Mega Event – Modicare is a top leading direct selling company in India and it makes .

How do I get support for my business plan (details below)? Update Cancel. ad by SnapCap. Answered Sep 2, · Author has answers and 2m answer views. What is the Modicare business plan?

modicare business plan 2015

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The Modicare Business is your company and you are responsible for this business. It is a business that will free you from the challenges of everyday life and give you the tools to chart your own destiny.

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