Nightly business report august 10 2015

The widely held company is making some major changes, and investors seem to like it, at least initially. Warren Buffett spends more than he ever has before to acquire a company.

Nightly business report august 10 2015

Share1 Shares 24K Although conservatives have recently tried to revive the image of former president and actor Ronald Reagan, his legacy includes details that are a little less glossy than those they talk about.

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With nowhere else for these mental patients to go—most with disabilities that prevented them from working—they simply became homeless. During his presidency in the s, some 40, beds in state mental hospitals were eliminated.

During the aftermath inthe National Institute of Mental Health nightly business report august 10 2015 that ,—, mental patients with chronic mental illness were homeless.

Despite lawsuits, states like Nevada continue to illegally empty their mental hospitals and place their mental patients on buses that take them out of statethus avoiding the bill. But amid all of this protracted chaos, we seem to have forgotten how Afghanistan got into such dire straights.

The new DRA government modernized and secularized Afghanistan in a way no other Middle Eastern government had in history. Needless to say, these reforms were not without their detractors, which included the odd alliance of both Islamic extremists and United States President Ronald Reagan.

It just so happens that the Soviet Union supported these advances. Publicly and privately, Reagan and the CIA began to support, fund, and even arm a series of jihadist militants in Afghanistan, loosely known as mujahideen. However, the mujahideen would soon fracture. Some of the mujahideen forces became the Taliban, which the United States has spent countless dollars and American lives fighting.

Others worked with Osama bin Laden and became Al-Qaeda, which carried out a litany of terrorist attacks including those of September One of the mujahideen fighters was even Osama bin Laden himself. In fact, bin Laden got his start in the terrorism game by joining the mujahideen bolstered by Reagan and the CIA.

Controversy remains to this day as to whether or not Reagan and the CIA directly funded bin Laden himself, particularly because bin Laden was fighting with the mujahideen based in Pakistan, while the initial mujahideen forces bolstered by Reagan were based in Afghanistan.

Others have corroborated the claims, including British government officials and an FBI whistle-blower. Unsurprisingly, United States government officials have denied the reports. However, it was recently discovered that Ronald Reagan led a double life at that time as an informant for the FBI.

Even more interesting is whom Reagan was spying on. Reagan used his position as president of the Screen Actors Guild to invade the privacy of other actors, writers, and directors whom he thought had un-American views and labeled them as budding communists to the FBI and Un-American Activities Committee.

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Some were even imprisoned merely for the political beliefs they held. The blacklist not only marked one of the most shameful moments in American history, but it also demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the First Amendment and the freedom of speech in America by Reagan and those like him.

Among others, five sitting senators—the Keating Five —were investigated for corruption following the bailout to institutions they had close ties to. However, a lesser-known case study in corruption happened around the same time with closer ties to President Reagan: This was no ordinary propaganda.

The Office of Public Diplomacy began a widespread and sophisticated propaganda campaign both in and out of the United States with a special focus on manipulating politics in South America.

nightly business report august 10 2015

One of its specialties was manipulating the media. They planted fake news stories throughout newspapers about the right-wing Contra terrorists Reagan was arming to try to overthrow the Nicaraguan government.

The OPD also surveiled, harassed, and intimidated journalists who were not reporting what the Reagan Administration wanted. Employees in the OPD would routinely show up to major newspaper and TV news offices to bully reporters and editors into changing their news coverage into what the Reagan Administration wanted.

They planted fabricated stories that claimed the anti-Contra journalists received sexual favors from male and female prostitutes paid for by the Nicaraguan government the Reagan Administration was trying to overthrow.

The cleanup efforts were used as opportunities to announce grants in Republican districts right before reelections while Democratic districts were ignored.Find industry contacts & talent representation.

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