Prenatal research papers

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Prenatal research papers

Techniques have evolved that now allow a professional several safe ways to evaluate the progress of a developing fetus inside the mother without doing either of them any harm.

The purpose of prenatal care is to monitor the health of the mother and the fetus. If a mother visits her doctor on a scheduled plan, her baby will have a better chance of good health and survival.

Prenatal research papers

During the doctor visits the nursing staff will monitor blood pressure, weight gain or loss, the heartbeat, and the position of the fetus.

Many problems can be avoided if a mother is seen by a physician. Everything the mother consumes has some affect on her baby.

Habits like drinking, smoking and overeating can harm the fetus. Plenty of healthy babies are born that have not had adequate health care during development, but it is safer if the baby is monitored from conception to delivery.

Prenatal Care is affordable for any woman who wants it, but many women claim that the doctor visits are expensive, so they do not get the care they need. Doctors and healthcare personnel also advise mothers to plan a pregnancy, so she can prepare her body for the physical changes that will occur.

The fetus develops in two stages. From the time of conception until eleven weeks, the egg is called an embryo. After eleven weeks, the embryo is called a fetus until the time of delivery which is around nine months.

The normal scheduled plan for doctor visits is once a month for the first six months of pregnancy, every two weeks for the seventh and eighth month, and every week till delivery. Folic Acid and prenatal vitamins are prescribed to every expecting mother; these vitamins add extra nourishment for the fetus through the placenta.

Scheduled Prenatal Care is the healthiest and safest way to care for the fetus while developing in the uterus.

For nine months while the fetus is developing the placenta aids in providing all the amino acids, fats, vitamins, and water.

Physicians watch the placenta precisely during the pregnancy because it is so important the fetus could not survive without it. The placenta is said to be the only throw away organ of the body. Circulation in an unborn child flows exactly opposite of the child after birth. At the moment of birth blood circulation reverses itself.

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This organ also regulates hormones in the reproduction process. These hormones, such as estrogen, increase blood flow in the uterus which causes growth of the fetus. Stress is a big factor in expecting mothers.

Stress seems to affect an expecting mother twice as much as it would someone who is not pregnant. Many women cannot handle the stress levels, so they began to smoke or drink, not realizing the damage that they are doing to the human that is living inside them.

When a pregnant woman smokes, the amount oxygen flowing through the placenta decreases.

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Therefore the fetus suffers from a lack of oxygen and will inhale more amniotic fluid trying to get oxygen into its lungs. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that are produced from the effects of smoking are very harmful.

Carbon Monoxide is most dangerous because it is the gas formed when a substance is not completely burned. This harmful gas combines with the blood and constricts the amount of blood flow. Carbon monoxide stays with the fetus longer than the mother and continues to harm the fetus.

Alcohol is another stress relieving substance for the mother that also damages the fetus. Mothers who are addicted to alcohol usually eat less which deprives the fetus of most of its nourishments.

A fetus is easily affected by alcohol, so it can have severe effects in the brain and lungs because of the excessive amount of alcohol they are ingesting. Some babies are even born drunk and are addicted to alcohol when they are born.

If the baby is born addicted he will suffer from the affects of withdrawal during the first couple of months of his life. Researchers have not figured out how much alcohol it takes to affects the fetus, so it is best not to drink at all.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the term used to describe fetuses that are exposed to excessive alcohol; it is the leading known cause of mental retardation. Nevitt 13Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has many symptoms which include: When the alcohol goes through the placenta and through the fetal membranes, it contaminates the amniotic fluid that the fetus lives in.

There is no way the alcohol can escape, so normally it will stay there and keep exposing the fetus to alcohol over and over.Prenatal development is the period in development from conception to the onset of labor. Perinatal period is the period beginning about the seventh month of.

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Pregnancy Studies. We are actively engaged in research to improve the health of moms and babies. MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies examine the effects of medications, vaccines, and diseases during pregnancy.

Right now there is limited information to help moms-to-be and their health care providers navigate treatment decisions and other complex issues.

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Student Research Papers Student research papers may be viewed in the library, and many may be viewed online. To access the papers in electronic format, contact library staff for the password. Scheduled Prenatal Care is the healthiest and safest way to care for the fetus while developing in the uterus.

The Placenta is the baby’s lifeline to its mother. For nine months while the fetus is developing the placenta aids in providing all the amino acids, fats, vitamins, and water.

Folic acid and pregnancy research paper