Revenue and daily deal

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Revenue and daily deal

Photo by William Crum The Unified Government Commission saved the T-Bones baseball stadium once before, inand on Thursday night, another lifeline was thrown their way.

UG commissioners mostly viewed the T-Bones as an essential part of the Village West picture, and approved a new agreement with them on Thursday night. It will change from a lease to a management agreement. However, attendance at the T-Bones games has declined in recent years.

See earlier story at http: It draws in people from a regional area of Topeka, Independence, Omaha, and Arkansas, he said.

Revenue and daily deal

They spend money not only at the ballpark but also at Village West, he said. In the last several years, the T-Bones have helped build ADA playgrounds across the community with the parks foundation, and have partnered with youth groups and other organizations, he added.

Revenue and daily deal

Lee Irvin said the T-Bones are an integral part of the Village West and Legends tourist attraction from a regional perspective. It is especially good because there is substantial property tax savings.

An Olathe woman who is from Wyandotte County and works here said she was proud to have the T-Bones here. Some people with lower incomes can go out there and enjoy entertainment. Lisa Thurlow of Overland Park, who was originally from the Turner area of Kansas City, Kansas, talked about the opportunities for youth who work at the stadium during the summer, and said she hoped there will still be an opportunity for kids to work there.

He said it would be a shame if the UG did not support him in this endeavor, especially since he does a lot of work for the parks and the community. Cheryl Reitmeyer of Kansas City, Kansas, a season ticket holder, said she has been a volunteer host family coordinator for three years for the T-Bones.

What that does bring to the county is amazing. Eric Martinez, who said he bought his first home in Wyandotte County, said one of the reasons he moved to the area was because he liked baseball. The economic component is strongly in favor of Wyandotte County residents, as T-Bones games bring people into the community to stay at hotels, shop and eat at restaurants, he said.

The new agreement shows the UG is paying 55 percent of the utility bill. Taxes already are high, and this helps support a for-profit business, he said.

Many license plates in their parking lot are not from Wyandotte County; therefore, Wyandotte County is subsidizing the entertainment for other counties, he added. He believes the past due bill should be paid percent, he said. Marcia Rupp of Kansas City, Kansas, suggested turning the field from a baseball field in the summer into a football field in the winter.

In 15 years, the T-Bones have brought in 3 million people, he said. Other cities have spent more on teams; for example, Jackson County, Mo. All the STAR bonds paid off early, and the community is seeing the benefits of it, he added.

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There are more than 10 million visitors outside a mile radius, he added, with the T-Bones a big part of it. The T-Bones were one of the first investors, when there was little at Village West, he said.

He said it was a good investment and would bear a positive return. Commissioner Brian McKiernan said it is a small business.In accounting, revenue is the income that a business has from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers.

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