Scarlet ibis analysis

Plot[ edit ] The Narrator, who is not named but simply called "Brother", recounts the life of his younger brother, William Armstrong, nicknamed "Doodle".

Scarlet ibis analysis

They have the physical weaknesses such as thin legs.

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The bird has exhausted itself to death to get where it is. Doodle will soon exhaust himself to death by overexerting himself in the rainstorm. They both exist in a world in which they cannot survive.

The bird is indigenous to the tropics and does not belong where he is, and Doodle cannot live up to his brother's standards of what a brother should be.

The death of Doodle and the ibis have some similarities. They both die due partially to a storm. They both are red after death. The bird is already red, and Doodle bleeds profusely until his shirt is covered with blood.

Both die under a red plant. For all these reasons, the ibis acts as a symbol for Doodle. The symbolism often suggests death of beauty, blood, and dying. Both Doodle and the ibis die as a result of their inability to cope with the world. An ibis can live only in its natural habitat; when it finds itself far from home, it cannot survive.

Scarlet ibis analysis

The ibis dies, too weak to survive. Like the ibis, Doodle dies because he is not suited to his surroundings. The ibis as a symbol for Doodle reminds us that rare beauty is all too often fragile. The both are weak and fragile. They both are suffering and they both don't belong in the place they ended up in.

The Scarlet Ibis was founded in the yard, which is a place that it doesn't belong in. Doodle doesn't deserve to have a brother like that. Doodle's disability doesn't fit the society.

When Doodle dies he look just like the Scarlet Ibis. The color red symbolizes the final state of Doodle. The main symbol in this story is the Scarlet Ibis, who represented Doodle.

The Scarlet Ibis is the main symbol which represents Doodle because they both were described as exotic as if they were from an unfamiliar place.The Scarlet Ibis Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Scarlet Ibis.

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Scarlet ibis analysis

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