Service blueprinting assignment essay

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Service blueprinting assignment essay

Registration system First step of service process is customer seek information regarding the hotel, availability of room, facilities, pricing etc. This information is collected through various sources such as internet, company website, various online hotel booking sites such as Trivago, booking.

Therefore from the hotel end it is crucial that someone maintains strong IT system, integrate various websites and booking system. Customer can plan wither to pay online or direct cash at counter, therefore proper IT integration must be done between company, banks and booking sites.

Usually there is time gap between booking the hotel and actual stay at the hotel. After few days of booking customer make a visit to hotel either using his own car, booked car or hotel car as per service availed.

This leads to first physical interaction with parking space of the company. Further, customer goes to reception, which is a major customer interaction point to check in. Proper information system helps in smooth and quick check-in process, after several processes of paper check and registration, customer leave their luggage and go to their room.

Luggage is picked and delivered to the room by hotel staff. Now customer can do several act such as eat, sleep, call for room service etc. In in-house experience have strong impact on customer perception and the way they represent the brand in their word of mouth.

After completing their stay customer goes to lobby for checkout, complete the payment, staffs leaves the customer to their vehicle and bid goodbye.

Each stage of the service process has strong impact on customer perception regarding the brand. Front Stage Functions Front stage can be defined as interaction between customer and services. It includes range of activities and steps perform by contact employees that are visible to customer.

Action taken by front stage employees has direct impact on customer perception and satisfaction. Various instances when front stage interaction takes place between employees and customers are as follow; When a customer calls up hotel staff for some booking or other information When customer arrives at the hotel and greeted by the staff When customer give their bags to bellboy At the lobby for registration or check in At restaurant visit, food order or room services During bags delivery system at their room During checkout Front stage staff act as the face of the hotel they need to have strong interpersonal skills, they need to behave in friendly and confident manner.

While greeting customers staff needs to ensure to welcome them with a smile, eye contact and willingness to listen. Front stage employee need to have the ability to control stress and behave politely during unusual situation also.

While handshake with customers it should convey a sense of responsibility to customers. Departments that have active role in front stage services are discussed below; Front desk have prime role to play in a hotel as it create first impression on customers mind, it is also a deciding factor to avail or not to avail services.

Front desk staffs have highest number of customer interaction; they are responsible for various activities such as booking, providing safety lockers to customers, making reservation, interacting over phone, providing various services to customers.

Housekeeping is another front stage department that comes into customer contact after hotel check in till their check out. It involve wide range of services such as 24 hour availability of staff, taking food orders, making their rooms, cleaning, laundry services etc.

Food and beverage department: Backstage Functions It include the part of service chain that customers cannot see but they provide key services in the value chain process and help front stage staff to complete their tasks Talwar, There are several back stage services that supports smooth service delivery in hotels.

The job of back end starts prior to room booking also. Hotel use various promotional tools such as websites, booking sites, travel agents and direct booking options. Hotels now days also use live chat options on their website to answer customer queries and bookings. These employees need to interact with customer, provide information etc.

After taking various orders such as laundry or food the back stage work starts. In case of food, kitchen staff and chef need to follow hygiene standards, high quality of food and safety norms.

Different other back stage staff category in hotel include security system managers who checks room, security of customers, staff who take baggage to the room, hotel engineering staff who are responsible for managing lights, electricity, elevator etc.

Moment of Truth It can be defined as the period or moment when customer encounters the services that involve a direct interaction. According to Lovelock it is the time when customers have direct interaction with service employee or any self-service platform, whose experience will have direct impact on customer perception regarding the service provider.

There are three types of service encounters, over the phone, remote and face to face encounter. Poor staff behaviour can lead to customer dissatisfaction. It is the most critical moment for service provider as experience at this stage can lead to service dissatisfaction or high satisfaction.

Each moment of truth is an opportunity to hotel staff to enhance customer experience, deliver high quality and increase chances to get customer loyalty and future business Widjaja, At this stage staff behaviour, ability to listen to customer with patience and answer their queries has strong impact on customer decision to avail the service.

Second is during booking a room in the hotel, this might involve customer interaction with front office staff, who will be responsible for explaining room, its amenities, completing paper work, registration etc.

Staff politeness and behaviour needs to provide confidence and faith to customer on the brand selected by them Third is during check in the hotel, here different parameters such as availability of proper signage, behaviour of the valet parking staff, the parking area, the self-check in machine needs to work properly, if customer encounter problem in check in, it might cause dissatisfaction and bitter customer experience Bebko, Service Blueprint Assignment Instructions Objective: To develop a thorough understanding of service blueprinting by analyzing the service process for a given service organization and capturing the process visually.

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Blueprinting helps create the coherency of the thesis throughout the entire essay, which makes it a. Chapter 4 will help you to analyze your thesis statement and use it to identify.

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Service blueprinting assignment essay

Service blueprinting can be defined as planning instrument that is used to plan innovative services, finding problem in the present services, evaluating quality . Essay proofreading service australia pay for law essay Rated 5 stars based on 94 reviews A descriptive essay is a special type of essay that describes a person, place, emotion, object, place or situation.

Service Organisation as blueprint. As per the view ofPerrott (), the service blueprinting is the most efficient tool for the effective service planning tool.

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