Strategic management case study analysis paper

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Strategic management case study analysis paper

Strategic Management Plan Sample Paper Introduction An organization requires a missiona focus that will guide its operations, and a plan to accomplish the mission. Together, the plan and the mission are known as the strategy of the firm.

Before describing the strategic management process within a global environment, it is important to first understand the strategic disposition for doing things in a particular way. The disposition of a firm helps explain the decision that a firm makes.

There are four main dispositions: An ethnocentric company will rely on the values and interests of the parent country in making decisions. A polycentric oriented company on the other hand will tailor its strategic plan to match the market that it operates.

A regiocentric company will be interested in will look to get local and regional acceptance and will therefore adopt a polycentric and ethnocentric approach to making its strategic decisions.

Finally, a geocentric company will view its operations from a gloabal perspective.

Using SWOT in a Sample Case Study Analysis Paper

These dispositions affect a company's strategic management process which makes some organizations more interested in profits while others are interested in growth.

The strategic management process is important for both domestic as well as global firms but while the process of making a strategic plan is far more complex though the process is the same for both. The Strategic Management Process within the Global Environment The strategic management process is carried out in four main stages.

Although strategic planning is related to the first two stages, the last two are also an important part of planning. Furthermore, the strategic planning process is an interactive process that should result to continuous feedback pertaining to changes in the environment or the organization to enable creation of a revised plan to deal with these changes.

The four main stages of the strategic planning process within a global environment are: Implementation of policy and; 4. Evaluation and control This is not a continuous process but rather a cycle that is completed by the continuous feedback linking each of the four processes.

The first process is strategic analysis. What is the current position if the organization? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? Accordingly, the mission and external and internal environmental condition affecting the company are evaluated and the information gathered from the process is used to formulate the organization's overall strategic plan.

The second stage of the strategic management process is strategy formulation. This stage is concerned with establishing strategy and tactics necessary to achieve the mission of the organization set in the previous process.

Strategies are meant to bridge the gap between the current position of the firm and the desired position.


The next phase, Strategy implementation involves a set of activities necessary to ensure that the strategy of the organization is achieved. Implementation refers to the day to day activities and all managerial actions that are necessary to implement the plan.

The last stage in the strategic planning process of an international firm is evaluation and control. At this stage, management monitors the progress towards implementation of the plan to determine whether the company is achieving the desired goals. It is also during this step that deviations from the planned results are investigated and management makes corrective action.

Strategic Management Analysis Case Study, EFAS & IFAS Essay

Below, we will discuss the specific activities associated with each of the above stages. Strategic Analysis in a Global Environment The main aim of strategic analysis is to assess the current situation of the global firm and the environment in which it operates in.

Until managers understand where their organization is in it development and the factors that affect its operations, it is impossible for such managers to determine where it should be or it can be.

Strategic analysis requires three major activities: An assessment of the organization's internal and external environment is concerned with identification of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats or the organization SWOT. An identification of a company's SWOT as well as its mission helps managers come up with strategic alternatives that are well suited for the organization.Midterms done, research paper and recital pieces next.

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT FINAL PAPER PEPSICO CASE STUDY ANALYSIS LECTURER: Sisdjiatmo K. Widhaningrat Composed by Chalinee Kunkaweeprad () Karisma Maharani Anisakusuma () Prasya Aninditya () Shafa Tasya Kamila () UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA .

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Strategic management case study analysis paper

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Dell Strategic Management Final Paper 1. Dell, Inc. Strategic Management Case Study Sophie Yanez VII. SWOT Analysis From the detailed SWOT analysis referenced in Appendix G, I would recommend Dell implement the following strategies: The SO strategies are (1) Dell should promote the efficiency of their Dell servers in Green capable.

May 10,  · NCC INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC INFORMATION ANALYSIS REPORT DEC Case Study: Introduction Many corporations and organizations establish their own information management and knowledge management systems in order to collect and.

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