The griffith park observatory

History[ edit ] 3, acres Griffith on December 16, Austin based on preliminary sketches by Russell W. The building combines Greek and Beaux-Arts influences, and the exterior is embellished with the Greek key pattern.

The griffith park observatory

Roads lead up to the impressive structure and so do trails. East Observatory Trail offers an approach from the Vermont Canyon side. West Observatory Trail ascends feet and provides a good little workout along with inspiring perspectives of the observatory and the city it serves. For added Griffith Park fun, stroll up Ferndell Trail before making the ascent for a slightly longer 2.

At the top of the hike, step inside the Griffith Observatory and check out some scientific exhibits. You can exercise your mind and your body on this outing in Griffith Park.

Parking at the observatory can be a nightmare the observatory receives over a million visitors annuallyso that is one more reason to hit the trail instead. The easiest place to begin is 0. Walk east across the bottom of the canyon through picnic areas and gardens to find Western Canyon Trail, a wide dirt trail that runs up the canyon this trail is on your right as your drive up into the park from Los Feliz Boulevard.

You will pass Ferndell Trail to the south, a charming quarter-mile long trail through a fenced-in parcel along Fern Dell Drive.

You can add Ferndell Trail to your hike to bring the distance up to 2. Two branches of West Observatory Trail leave from the east side of the canyon. The lower trail provides excellent head-on views of Griffith Observatory while the upper trail has better views of the Hollywood Sign and is 0.

Walk up the canyon from Ferndell Trail and take the first wide dirt trail on the right to get onto Lower West Observatory Trail. Less than a hundred yards up, pass a bridge on the left that crosses a creek bed to connect to Upper West Observatory Trail.

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Rise up from the canyon floor over the next tenth of a mile to a bend to the right that provides excellent views of Griffith Observatory. The large structure is both imposing and elegant, built in an art deco style with influences of moderne, modified Greek, and beaux-arts.

The observatory is rarely out of view as you continue up the trail. Griffith Observatory above Lower West Observatory Trail In another quarter mile, a steep and rocky path off the right side of the trail goes straight up the mountainside to the next piece of the trail.

Proceed another hundred yards up the trail to a junction with Upper West Observatory Trail. When the trails meet, turn right on the unified trail and continue up the ridge toward Griffith Observatory. Pass the top of that steep path after a tenth of a mile.

West Observatory Trail curves to the right and keeps climbing to a perch on the ridge south of Griffith Observatory where there is a multi-point junction. The intersection of trails has a bench with stellar views over Los Angeles. You have risen to one thousand feet above sea level, after ascending feet over 0.

Take in the sights before continuing on. The skyline of downtown Los Angeles rises to the southeast.

The Guide to L.A.'s Griffith Park | Discover Los Angeles | California

In the opposite direction, you can look in on Griffith Park for a view of the Hollywood Sign to the northwest. While the letters were partially obscured on Lower West Observatory Trail, they are all clearly visible from this vantage.

A bench at the junction below Griffith Observatory On the right, a narrower ridge trail descends back toward Western Canyon. On the left, one not-as-wide trail takes a level route below the Observatory and can be used to connect down to Upper West Observatory Trail.

A wider trail on the left heads north up the ridge straight toward Griffith Observatory. Take this trail to get to the landmark. The trail continues up to Griffith Observatory As you hike north up Observatory Trail, look over your right shoulder for more views over Los Feliz toward downtown Los Angeles.

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Later, look to the right between pine trees across the east side of Griffith Park. The trail passes just below the eastern wall of the observatory and then swings left to come up to the corner of the lawn on the north side of Griffith Observatory. Reach the top after hiking 0. Walk across the lawn outside the observatory for views looking east toward the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee.The Griffith Observatory offers views of the Hollywood sign from various angles including the entrance, roof top and coffee shop.

The griffith park observatory

Parking in October is $6 an hour to park at the top. Located 1, feet above sea level on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory is one of southern California's most popul.

Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory are significant in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Future's End" (originally aired November 6, ). The crew are thrown .


This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Griffith. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. This park is very large as it houses the Griffith Park Hiking Trail, Griffith Observatory, and The Greek Theater.

You can easily get lost around the area. We drove all the way up /5(). No Drones It is illegal to fly a drone anywhere in Griffith Park. Griffith Observatory East Observatory Rd. Los Angeles, CA Follow us at. Griffith Observatory is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks.

The City of Los Angeles is an equal opportunity employer. FRIENDS OF THE.

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