Thesis for wordpress theme

Aristotle was the first philosopher to define the term thesis.

Thesis for wordpress theme

Rick Anderson July 7, at 7: Your solution makes custom post templates upgrade proof. Louisa July 7, at 9: I need to visit this site much more often!! I had to resort rearranging my entire site to using page templates rather than the much preferred post template!

Thanks for this brilliant solution, Dimas! Louisa David Alexander July 21, at 6: As theres no single where in the files could I cut this out to add to a custom template file? Cheers, keep up the great work. Dimas July 21, at 9: However, what I love about thesis is the hooks and filters. I would recommend that you use them to make the per post adjustments.

WordPress Old Post Slug Cleanup

If you really want to follow the Thesis template you will have to take a look at the core functions you will have to do some connect the dots as you follow along from one function to the othersee: David Alexander July 24, at 5: I will take a look into this.

Categories are just colours on the inside. Pretty cool, but trying to create the basic layout is more challenging than that aha.

Thesis for wordpress theme

David Alexander August 1, at 9: Is this something that Thesis need to fix? David Alexander August 1, at August 1, at 1: If by me I have adjusted the both so they both get Property not location and the template file gets property. David Alexander August 2, at That said I only have one custom post type so does that still apply?

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I created property1 and the template works, when I create property2 and 3 and 4 none of them pick up the template even though they are identical to property1.

Really weird I thought. My template relies heavily on global to function so not sure if I would be able to proceed with the way I wanted. Dimas August 2, at It is quite odd that the subsequent posts do not pick up the template.

David Alexander August 3, at I think I will go and check phpmyadmin and see if I can see it in the db. Really confusing me at the moment though that it would work for one property post and not another. I spoke to Chris today and 1. Really appreciate all your replies mate.

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Thesis is more than just a WordPress theme -- it's an entire framework, totally customizable for your WordPress-run website. It's a relatively simple procedure, and can be done entirely from your WordPress dashboard.

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