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Thesis sahib

Unfortunately, latest figures on the above cited vital information is not available. To meet some part of the shortfall in cereal crop production, several efforts by the NGOs and the irrigation department were made during this period.

These efforts contributed to further increase the cultivated area. There have been traditional efforts to turn any piece of land that could be irrigated, into agricultural land thus making the already fragile land vulnerable to slides, erosion and other kinds of land degradation.

Our forest coverage is abysmally low. Rangeland covers the major part but highly overused and trampled. In upper Chitral, there is acute shortage of fuel-wood and the dependency on the southern forest is increasing with each passing day. The northern part of Chitral, that used to have juniper coverage, has now been turned into naked mountains and the plantation on the margins of agricultural land is now being ruthlessly cut for fuel-wood.

This situation is not only threatening for the precious traditional fruit trees, the poor people and herders uproot the non-wood bushes such as Artemisia and other numerous herbs to meet their immediate energy needs. The peat bogs are drying up in Broghil and other areas by excessive use for cooking and space heating.

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The overgrazing and trampling of the denuded land is causing serious soil erosion and scouring. In the southern part the remaining fuel-wood stock will soon be gone.

The global effects of the climate change is already being witnessed in Chitral more than other parts of the country. Rains and snowfall have become scanty and untimely and more aggressive when it pours. Temperatures are on the rise.

Over melting of glaciers and resulting floods are seen with increased frequency and devastating effects on life and property. To name a few, the beautiful villages of Brep, Sonoghur, Booni, Muzhgol, Saht, Reshun, and many more have been devastated by the glacial melts occurring between to whereas houses were declared fully damaged by the government estimates during the earthquake in October These are staggering numbers to worry about.

Thesis sahib

Threats to our environment do not stop there. The population of Chitral is increasing at an alarming pace. The census carried out in records 2. It has quadrupled during the last half a century. The carrying capacity of the newly emerging townships in Drosh, Chitiral and Buni is too thin.

Most of the rural dwelling houses are adobe structures that cannot sustain the looming threats of jolts. To add to this there are no effective rules to manage town planning and land use planning to guide and direct the course of actions.

Thesis sahib

Agricultural land is being used for construction and other non-agricultural activities causing land fragmentation, which in turn only adds to environmental degradation. Devastation caused by the floods. There is no proper system of solid and liquid waste disposal. The affluent from the service stations, butcher houses and poultry markets find their way into Chitral River.thesis sahib: war time theme songs for the modern ego (gift given).

ပပ်ႉၵႅမ်မိုဝ်းယေႃးၵီႇ ငဝ်ႈပိုၼ်ႉဝိပတ်ႉသၼႃႇ တႅမ်ႈ၊ ၸဝ်ႈၼၼ်ႇတိယ (ပၢင်လူင်).

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